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Have a sass llama by chanelthecat Have a sass llama :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 4 4 Winston by chanelthecat Winston :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 3 1 Unreachable Star by chanelthecat Unreachable Star :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 2 1 Churchill downs by chanelthecat Churchill downs :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 1 1 Kentucky by chanelthecat Kentucky :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 3 4 Happy Easter by chanelthecat Happy Easter :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 1 4 Mcsm Reginald as a wolf by chanelthecat Mcsm Reginald as a wolf :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 3 5 Sadona from a helicopter by chanelthecat Sadona from a helicopter :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 3 3 Sadona from a helicopter. by chanelthecat Sadona from a helicopter. :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 3 3
Things you didn't know about Mcsm part 2
In episode 3 there is a secret easter egg in the game. When you have to look for clay blocks in an enderman suit you have the ability to talk to Rueben many times. If you talk to him a lot eventually the text will start repeating hence why most people don't know about this. If you continue to talk to Rueben then he will tell Jesse a joke and you will get the acevment 'that's some pig' posibly a reference to charolits web.
      Episode 6 was originally saposed to have the characters Ivy(the girl who sold slime balls at endercon) and Calvin (Elliegard's assistant from episode 2) take the place of the YouTubers. The only reason we know this is if you look through the game files.
      Minecraft itself was originally called Minecraft: Order of the stone. They decided to call the game just Minecraft ,but telltale took this name and thus the order of the stone was born.
Gill's full name is Gillburg.
There is an actual book based on mcsm it's called 'the secret
:iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 0 7
About Minecraft story mode season 2.
So many people have been talking about season 2 of Mcsm ,but most of the evidence people provide doesn't really add up. So I went digging around the Internet and I found so evidence that might accually help support this whole season 2 thing.
         As most of you know Eric stripe is one of the lead writers for telltale games and really helped out with story mode ,but did you know the Eric has a tumblr page where he answers questions about the game? Seriously if you've ever been dying to know what went on behind the senes or about about things like scraped characters and plot lines ect go look it up. Eric's tumblr is called stirpicus if you're wondering. Your probably asking 'how can you be so sure that this page is lagit' well it's because he has taken pictures of himself and posted them on his tumblr BEFORE posting them on his Twitter. If that tumblr page was faked then how could he post on his tumblr before posting on his Twitter. (Besides we all know his T
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Halfmoon the silver fox by chanelthecat Halfmoon the silver fox :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 2 3 Mcsm-female Jesse by chanelthecat Mcsm-female Jesse :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 4 8 Mcsm-120 prompt-5 attack by chanelthecat Mcsm-120 prompt-5 attack :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 3 5 Mcsm-M.Jesse as a wolf (redraw) by chanelthecat Mcsm-M.Jesse as a wolf (redraw) :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 5 12 Based off a weird dream I had. by chanelthecat Based off a weird dream I had. :iconchanelthecat:chanelthecat 0 3


The Depressing Hour Chapter Two
Chapter Two
The group found themselves in the portal hallway once more, now accompanied by Harper and Ivor.
“Harper, where exactly will we find Hadrian’s journal?” Reginald asked her.
“Yes dear, where will we find it?” Ivor jumped in. “If I re-call, Jesse banished him and Mevia to a world full of Zombie-sized chickens! Or… Chicken-sized zombies?” Harper chuckled a bit.
“We’ll find it” Harper replied. “I may or may not have snooped in his journal from time to time, so I know where he always hid it, every location” The two looked at Harper, shocked.
“What?” She asked. “I don’t like it when people keep stuff hidden from me. Why do you think I love a good eavesdrop so much?” As the three talked on Harper’s snooping trait, Gill noticed Aiden was lagging behind a little. He stopped for a moment and came to Aiden’s side.
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Human! Reuben by SmallSketcher Human! Reuben :iconsmallsketcher:SmallSketcher 18 2 MCSM - Cassie Rose by Rr-The-Anonymous MCSM - Cassie Rose :iconrr-the-anonymous:Rr-The-Anonymous 15 0 [insert creative title here] by KateKenway [insert creative title here] :iconkatekenway:KateKenway 12 5 Minecraft: Story Mode - A Beautiful Sight (WIP) by PrettyXTheXArtist Minecraft: Story Mode - A Beautiful Sight (WIP) :iconprettyxthexartist:PrettyXTheXArtist 51 17 Stampy and Stacy by SnazzyMagnus Stampy and Stacy :iconsnazzymagnus:SnazzyMagnus 23 5 Jesse (f2) by SmallSketcher Jesse (f2) :iconsmallsketcher:SmallSketcher 20 0
The Depressing Hour Chapter One
Chapter One
Maya bounced down her hallway, buzzing with glee. She hummed a tune as she brushed her hair, which soon turned into full on singing;
Will you still love me,
When I'm no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me,
When I got nothing but my aching soul?
I know you will, I know you will,
I know that you will…
Will you still love me, when I'm no longer beautiful?

As Maya continued singing, she made it to her room, still jittering with energy. By this time, she would be all dressed in her pyjamas, ready for bed, but she thought that tonight she would stay up a little longer and enjoy herself. After tying her hair up, she slipped off her Leather jacket and threw it over a nearby chair, before jumping onto her cosy bed. She pulled out a novel she had been reading, before pulling out her phone and putting on the same song she was singing before. As the song started, Maya sighed happily, content with herself, before
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Gladiator Sketches by pokemaster555 Gladiator Sketches :iconpokemaster555:pokemaster555 6 11 Minecraft: Story Mode - I'm a Girl Like You! by PrettyXTheXArtist Minecraft: Story Mode - I'm a Girl Like You! :iconprettyxthexartist:PrettyXTheXArtist 151 21
Mc:SM - Thank You
Mc:SM – Thank You
NOTE; This story talks about heavy topics, so please take caution as you read
Months had gone by since Sky City’s downfall. Months had gone by since Aiden’s imprisonment. Months had gone by since he was let out, but it was only now that Reginald was starting to notice what Aiden was really going through. He noticed his house was dim, no light ever let in from the windows or redstone lights. The walls were bare, no photos or pictures of any kind, just a single mirror covered up by a raggy sheet. And Aiden himself was almost emotionless. Whenever Reginald asked him a question, Aiden either answered vaguely or with no tone whatsoever. He looked tired and very sickly, like he hadn’t eaten since he was released. His wrists were always covered up in some bandaging or cloth of sorts, and he always wore a jacket, whether his trade-mark leather jacket or ordinary brown coat. He barely left the
:iconpokemaster555:pokemaster555 5 37
Big Sweater by SmallSketcher Big Sweater :iconsmallsketcher:SmallSketcher 20 0 A Portal to Mystery!  by OnaiwaAnjaliGamon A Portal to Mystery! :icononaiwaanjaligamon:OnaiwaAnjaliGamon 9 4 [Remake] perfect heros by milieus [Remake] perfect heros :iconmilieus:milieus 245 43 Minecraft Story Mode : Season 2 by TheMaroonLightning Minecraft Story Mode : Season 2 :iconthemaroonlightning:TheMaroonLightning 63 11 s2 Petra and Jesse (AT with Star) by RushDoesNotArt s2 Petra and Jesse (AT with Star) :iconrushdoesnotart:RushDoesNotArt 27 15


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I found out the llama's name!!! Go to Eric Stirpe's Tumblr!
There was a Microsoft live stream today for Mcsm but it lagged a lot so I was unable to watch it does anyone have a clip of it I could watch. Plz help
My predictions were correct! Yay!
As you all have probably seen everyone on DA is flipping out over season 2. Well if anyone is skeptical  Australia classifications rated this new episode and Australian classifications is an official website for games and has been used on all the other episodes. Also when the episode gets rated a relase date usually soon fallows and E3 is coming soon so stay tuned.
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I have 4 cats called Chanel,Coco,Raven and Kenya. Right now I'm wrighting a mlp fanfic to explain what happened thousands of years before the show. I love Mcsm. I always loved this web sight but I've never been able to make an account and I'm going to need to see how profiles work


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